JovaNotti In Bianco

Difficulty: coffe


He is a pop artist, but in Jovanotti’s first album style was characterized by a noisy and light-hearted hybrid between disco music and rap (funky).
His songs have cheerful tones, an explosion of notes and colors as can also be seen on the graphic sector used by the artist.
The symbol to be taken into account is the symbol of peace. Which will be formed from the word “JOVA”.


This name was chosen because in addition to being a play on words like the names in previous tours, an additional feature is the long duration of his concerts and the nocturnal atmosphere in which they take place.


Being inspired by the night, the font must take on an appearance similar to the neon lights that is to represent disco music and also recalls the concept of the classic signs of the 90s.

Project Info

  • Client:IIS Don Geremia Piscopo
  • Categories:Manifest
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